• Star Board PH0003

    Star Board PH0003

Size: 60 x 30cm/piece 

          2sqft/ piece

  • $15.00

Product Details

Made of Diatomaceous Earth, compressed into blocks and imprinted with different designs, the Pu Hua Star Board Dehumidifier effectively prevents mould growth, eliminates odours and neutralize airborne chemicals. It emits a negative ion density count of up to 1000 times and kills up to 99% of bacteria and 98.6% of mould. Suitable for use in kitchen cupboards, book shelves, closets and shoe cabinets.

User Guide Group

Cut the Pu Hua Star Board Dehumidifier into the sizes you need and use double-sided tape to stick it in places such as closets, shoe cabinets, kitchen cupboards. For best results, it is recommended to place at least 50% of surface area. Three designs available.