• PH ECO FEATURE WALL - The Marble PHFW002

    PH ECO FEATURE WALL - The Marble PHFW002

100% handcrafted wall installed by our experienced masters. Every PH Eco feature wall has it’s unique design finishes. Thus, all completed design is the one and only wall in the world.

By using PH Eco Plaster, the beautiful feature wall is also breathable. It has strong ability to prevent mould, anti-bacteria and it is able to purify indoor air. You can decorate your room while protect against harmful chemicals. Contains Diatomaceous Earth, it releases negative ions at a range of 300-500 counts/s.cm2, eliminates 99.9 % of airborne bacteria and toxic gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, nitron and benzene, and has excellent sound and insulation. 

Code: PHFW002

Price: $20/ sqft

Deposit – $200

  • $200.00

Product Details

Choose Puhua Eco Wall Finishes package, the services you will receive are as follows:

  1. Complete protection of furniture and floor.
  2. 2 Coats of Diatomaceous Earth Plaster (3-5mm)
  3. Available in plenty of designs and colours with competitively priced.
  4. Applied by well-trained applicators.
  5. Non-toxic and odourless coats
  6. Advance housekeeping after completion of work.
Work Flow

Deposit of $200 is required

Our service as follows:

1. Upon receiving the deposit of $200.00
2. Please allow 2 business days for customer service to contact you via phone or email to arrange for an appointment.
3. On the appointment date, Sales Representative and Project co-ordinator will go the site and provide the quotation.
4. Select colour, commence date and other specific details.
5. Upon confirmation & acceptance of quotation, the customer shall pay 40%.
6. 40% to be paid upon commencement of the project
7. 20% balance payment upon completion.

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