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8 Benefits of Puhua Diatomaceous Earth Wall Finishes:
Anti-Mould, humidity and pH Control
Anti Pollutants
Release Negative Ions
Heat Insulation


Anti Bacteria & Dust Mites
Fire Retardant & Anti-Smoke
Beneficial Far Infrared Rays
Sound Insulation

tested by PSB and approved by the Singapore Green Building Council for green construction projects.

Singapore Green Building Council approved PH ECO Paint for all green construction projects. Diatomaceous earth has the capability of removing formaldehyde because of a powerful adsorption effect due to porous and a strong alkaline level. ­

Puhua Natural Paint is made of 100% natural diatomaceous earth, tested  by PSB and approvd by Singapore Green Building for green construction projects. Our paint has the capability puriflying indoor air by removing harmful formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and other toxic gases in our home or work place. Our  Puhua Natural 2-In-1 Paint is able to eliminate virus and bacteria with 10 years warranty.

In Puhua, we only engage experienced and skilled professional testers and painters in Singapore who understand our products for better application. The professional project teams are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality house painting services in Singapore. We undertake HDB & Condominium apartments, private houses, schools, clinics, shops, office, commercial painting contracts services. We offer free quotes and 360° house protection. A variety of colors & wall patterns to choose from to make your place feel more like home. Looking for the cheapest painting services in Singapore without compromising on quality? Check out our condo and HDB painting packages below.

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HDB and Condominium Painting Services
HDB Flats Condominium/Apartments Price (SGD)
Studio/2 room flat < 500  ft2 $1,350
3 room flat < 901  ft2 $1,650
4 room flat 901 – 1100  ft2 $2,000
5 room flat 1101 – 1300  ft2 $2,250
Executive apartment 1301 – 1400  ft2 $2,400
Exec Mainsonette  1401 – 1600  ft2 From $2,750
Additional Room Painting Cost : PH Water-based Sealer :
2 Rm
$ 400 $ 250
3 / 4 Rm $450 $350
5 Rm / Exec Apt $500 $450
Living Room $800 $500
** The above is applicable with packages only and ceiling height less than 2.5 m
Landed Property Painting Services
House Type Interior Painting Service
  + Ceiling (White)
Intermediate Terrace Fr $3,000
Corner Terrace Fr $3,600
Semi- Detached Fr $4,300
Bungalow / Detached Fr $5,900
Puhua Eco Painting System
Type of Painting System Now
PH Eco Plaster only $14  per ft2
PH Eco Premium System ( 2 in 1 ) $16  per ft2

PH Eco Wall Finish 

Series A: From $20  per ft2

Series B: From $25 per ft2

D.E board supply and installation  $30 per ft2

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Longlasting and Stable 8 Functions
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Assured Quality

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