Our Benefits

Patented and made in Singapore
Natural and Eco-friendly Diatomaceous Earth
Long-lasting and stable in its 8 benefits
Rigorously lab tested for assured quality


Anti-Mould, humidity and pH Control

  Keep your home mould-free and regulate air humidity. Being highly absorbent and porous, Diatomaceous Earth absorbs excess moisture from the air and converts ions into beneficial alkaline gas to balance the air’s pH if the surrounding humidity drops.

Anti Pollutants

  As Diatomaceous Earth is 5000-6000 times smaller in porosity than charcoal, it can successfully eliminate airborne pollutants or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

92% of formaldehyde, ammonia, nitron and benzene are tested to have been removed within 8 hours. It also minimizes odours such as lingering second-hand smoke.

Release Negative Ions

  Negative ions help to improve blood circulation, sleep and the immune system. Pu Hua’s Diatomaceous Earth paint releases negative ions up to 500-1000 times.

Flame Resistance

  Stay cool even in hot weather while saving money on air-conditioning bills. Diatomaceous Earth’s heat insulation properties regulates the indoors temperature by filtering the heat outside.

Anti Bacteria & Dust Mites

  Protect young kids and vulnerable family members from sickness-causing bacteria and allergens. Diatomaceous Earth is lab proven to eliminate dust mites and 99.9% of airbone bacteria such as E.coli and S. Aureus. Don’t need to worry about asthma, nasal & throat discomfort.      

Heat Insulation & Save Energy

  Our paint is created with safety as a number one priority. It can withstand burning up to 1400 degrees Celsius and even upon melting it does not emit smoke

Infrared Rays & Anti-Smoke

  Far infrared heat has been found to improve blood circulation which promotes healing and immunity in the body. Our Diatomaceous Earth paint emits far infra-red rays of wavelength 8 to 15 micrometers at 90%.

Sound Insulation

  The high porosity of Diatomaceous Earth offers excellent noise pollution control, so you can wake up feeling well rested without external disturbances.

Benefits of PuHua Diatomaceous Earth Commercial Products
Pu Hua offers a wide range of Diatomaceous Earth products for daily use besides our wall finishes. These commercial and wellbeing products are made from high-quality Diatomaceous Earth that has been extracted from Paektu Mountain. By introducing the outstanding purification, absorbency, dehumidifying and anti-bacterial properties of Diatomaceous Earth into these products, Pu Hua hopes to enable healthier, happier living for everyone. Our  Puhua Natural 2-In-1 Paint is able to eliminate virus and bacteria with 10 years warranty.
Anti-mould and moisture-proof
Being highly absorbent, Diatomaceous Earth can be used to absorb moisture such as sweat, making it ideal in keeping bed sheets clean and dry.
Anti-dust mite and pest
Diatomaceous Earth kills dust mites and pests naturally by absorbing the moisture from their bodies. No toxic chemicals needed.
Anti-bacteria and helps allergies
The powerful absorbency of Diatomaceous Earth enables it to trap dirt and allergen particles, thus effectively combating allergies.