“Excellent product quality and professional service.”

-Mr Xu (Tampines resident)

"The job was performed well and I’m very pleased with the outcome.”

-Ms Maia (Interior designer and Ubi resident)

“Both Mr Ren and Pinter did an extremely good job. They were very professional in listening to what I wanted and made sure it was to my satisfaction. I will be recommending Pu Hua’s beautiful wall work to my friends.”

-Ms Lee (Buona Vista resident)

Allergic rhinitis is very common in Singapore, affecting 24 percent of the population, sadly my son develops a system too. As parents, we are very much concern about his health. We have seen different doctors and was prescribe different type of medication but it was for short term treatment only and was advise to use an air purifier. Unfortunately, air purifier is not meant for everyone and my son’s health did not improve. One of the doctor who seen my son advised us to have a clean and healthy environment but living in a humid country like Singapore is difficult. Our life become miserable, frustrations and depression build up in our daily life. Moving forward, we cannot allow all these to interfere in our life and we need to find solution for my son. Friends and relatives came forward to offer a helping hand. Prayers, home remedies & natural medication start pouring in. One day a friend came to visit us whose spouse is a doctor recommended to try out PH Eco diatomite mattresses and pillows for my son. We surf the net and found out that they don’t only supply Mattresses and pillows, they also provide painting services. In 2016, my son’s room and other part of the house was painted with Pu Hua diatomaceous earth wall coating. We also used their diatomite mattresses & pillows. Pu Hua Diatomaceous Earth Wall helped eliminate airborne bacteria and makes the interior air much cleaner than before. Our child's Allergic Rhinitis has emerged and I am assuming that this will not happen. The good news is that the symptoms has disappeared and he is much more happier and healthier. He can also focus with his school work and shown a tremendous improvement. Thank you Pu Hua .


I am very grateful to Puhua. Two years ago, in July 18, 2015, I was hospitalized and paralyzed in bed. After discharge, I was seen by My Chinese Physician regularly and recommended to us the PU HUA DIATOMACEOUS EARTH WALL FINISH. In October 2015, we painted our Master bedroom and my two daughters’ rooms with Puhua diatomaceous earth wall coating. For more than half a year recuperating at home, with only who was under the care of my loved ones. I was able to recover from the paralysis, and have slowly healed more over time. Not only can I do the sports I like before, and has started to work again, operating business between Singapore and Thailand. Puhua diatomaceous earth wall finish, purify the air, removes pollen, bacteria and particles of 2.5 microns which commonly known as the micro-particles found in haze. The real magic lies in the Diatom active ingredients that balances indoor temperature humidity. With its respiratory function, this breathing wall can absorb moisture, oxidize the negatively charged virus, bacterial, mold and spores, producing harmless by-products like CO2 and H20. With my children & elderly we enjoy a peace of mind with better air quality and overall healthier well-being. Thank you, Pu Hua, for being part of our life.

-Mr Ong, East Coast

We are honoured that we are the first Customer of Pu Hua. In 2008, my mother was not in good health. She was then 80 years old and was bedridden for years. We have consulted traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and recommended Pu Hua International to us. I heard that the wall can release negative ions, will be helpful to the young and elderly’s health due to their low esteem. Her room was painted with Pu Hua Diatomaceous Earth wall material. On the ninth year, I asked Mr. Zhao to measure the negative ions, the index is still showing more than 800. My mother's physical condition was tremendously improved. Now that she is 90 years old, I am proudly & happy to say that she can walk on her own, do housework. I am fully convinced and testify that Pu Hua International product is indeed reliable. Thank you Mr Zhao.

-Mr Ng

Pu Hua is an innovative company that focus in developing health products for eco family living. The breathing wall is one of its kind that releases high level of negative ions to clean out pollutants and mold and keep the air fresh. The family's health starts at home. By keeping the home and office clean, it reduces sickness and keep everyone healthy.

-Jean Chan

Recently, I purchased a 1136 color code paint. Although I have yet to try them, but the process of purchasing is simply one of the best. I asked if it was possible to collect the pain from the office address, since it's nearer to my address and they complied with that. Questions were promptly replied on Facebook Messenger too, even late in the night around 9pm to 10pm. The price of the 20L paint is $119, definitely the cheapest in the market without all those chemicals like other brands (as they advertised). Might update after using the paint. ?

-Shane Ehsan

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