The Harmful Causes of Air Pollution to Pregnant Women & Infants


Puhua Diatomaceous Earth Natural Paint is a magic master that purifies the air at home.

Scientists said “Puhua Diatomaceous Earth Natural Paint is the key to humanity in the magic master of nature. It opens the door for human beings to save the pollution of the living room and create an ecological home”.

During a renovation, a large amount of chemical paint and the furniture adhesives release toxic gas and VOC and as well as poor indoor air mobility. Not forgetting, the toxics and bacteria released by moisture and mildew. All of it will cause serious deterioration of the indoor air quality.


“Air pollution is detrimental to our health, and even more so for pregnant women. Environmental factors such as air and water pollution, pesticides and solid wastes affects not only the ability of women to get pregnant, but also the physical development of the child, both as a foetus and development into adolescence.

Babies exposed to elevated levels of pollution was associated with higher blood pressure in children, and this problem doesn’t end with childhood. It can last till adulthood and increase their risk of cardiovascular diseases and even brain development including autism. Young children who grew up exposed to pollutants are also more likely to develop chronic asthma.

Women exposed to significant levels of air pollutants even before pregnancy are nearly 20% more likely to have babies with birth defects. Fine air particles given out in vehicle exhaust fumes when inhaled, can be deposited in the lungs where they enter the circulation. Fetuses are particularly susceptible to a variety of toxicants because of their exposure pattern and physiologic immaturity. Therefore, prenatal exposure to environmental pollution can result in adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Exposure to ambient air pollutants during pregnancy is known to be associated with adverse birth and pregnancy outcomes. Numerous studies have demonstrated air pollution and increased risk of preterm birth and low birth weight. Various air pollutant such as benzene, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matters have been linked to increased frequency of preterm birth, growth restriction in the womb, and stillbirth.”  – Dr Ben Choey, ObGyn W GYNAE Women’s Clinic –


Using a decade to solve the mystery of a world full of chemical to bid farewell and welcome the nature.

In daily life, we all seem to get used to the mould on the walls, and VOC released by cabinets, wardrobes and bookcases. But we don't know that these odors are eroding and hurting people's health all the time.

Puhua Diatomaceous Earth Natural Paint has magical dehumidification, mildew and sterilization functions, which are essential for creating a healthy indoor air environment. As for other functions such as noise reduction, flame resistance, formaldehyde decomposition, and release of negative ions, they are all tested by TUV SUD PSB Singapore and SETSCO Services Pte Ltd.

Puhua Diatomaceous Earth Natural Paint has been successfully developed for 16 years. The company had been actively doing tracking and multiple testing the quality of the products. Practices also proved that its various performance indicators are stable, and the effects of purifying air is remarkable. Pu Hua has received the Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme Certificate issued by the Singapore Green Building Council. With authoritative certificates, test reports and 16 years of research and experiments. Pu Hua highly recommend the Diatomite Natural Paint to consumers with confidence and guarantee. Home improvement should not be a hidden danger to family health, and children are the victims of home improvement pollution. For the health of the family, refuse home decoration poison and start knowing more about Pu Hua 100% Natural paint better at