Puhua Breathing Wall Installed in Foreign Embassy


On 27 June 2008, Mr. Zhao Xilun, the manager of Puhua Shengdao Tech. Ltd (Beijing), signed a contract with the Ambassador from Rwanda in the Embassy of Rwanda in China. It is mentioned in the contract that Puhua Shengdao Tech. Ltd. (Beijing) would donate 6750 square-metre of Puhua Breathing Wall, which worths 2767500 Yuan, to the Embassy of Rwanda and install it for them free-of-charge. 


The Ambassador of Rwanda has thus given high compliments and acknowledgements to this collaboration.  He said that not only would this strengthen the friendship between China and Rwanda, but it also helps to promote a green Olympic culture, making a great contribution for creating an eco environment for Beijing Olympic Games.


Our journalists have learned from Mr. Zhao that the "Puhua Breathing Wall" is a new eco interior design material that has its own independent intellectual property right and independent brand. Basing on the newest eco decorating material technology in Japan, using fossil-like algae as a medium, and considering the characteristics of the climate in China, the "Puhua Breathing Wall "was developed by a group of scientists from different countries. The wall has a multitude of functions which includes air purification, humidity adjustment, noise reduction, energy conservation, heat insulation and health improvement. Not only does the "Puhua Breathing Wall" have similar decorating functions like what normal wall decoration materials like latex paint has, but it is also able to be completely flattened without hindering its other functions. It is therefore able to replace most of the current decoration material. The most magical part of the "Puhua Breathing Wall", on top of its ability to absorb harmful gases, is its ability to release particle like water, negative ions and oxygen, significantly improving indoor air condition. It has been tested that the negative ion releasing rate of Puhua Breathing Wall is 1200/cm cube, which allows it to kill more than 98% of harmful bacteria in the surrounding air. The above tests were conducted by related National Institute of Construction Material, which gives it enough credibility to show that it is indeed the best eco-functional wall decorating material.


During the signing of contract, Mr. Zhao had a great conversation with the Ambassador of Rwanda. Mr. Zhao expressed his hope for more communication between the two countries after this collaboration. He also hoped that the "Puhua Breathing Wall" can continue to go on improving the indoor living environment, providing people with a healthier living space. 


Figure: Mr. Zhao Xilun and the Ambassador of Rwanda signing the contract.


Left: Mr. Zhao Xilun 

Right: The ambassador of Rwanda