The Successful Discovery of Eco Wall by Domestic Company Puhua


Many people are concerned with the haze caused by burning of trees in neighbouring countries, however, what they fail to realise is that harmful gases produced from inside of their houses could cause more damage to their health. Given that two-thirds of our lives are spent indoor, the condition of the air quality indoors would be of uttermost importance to us. Singapore’s tropical climate enables moulds and dust mites to grow easily, interior furnitures that we have placed in our rooms could release harmful gases that cause pollution.

Steel and concrete have encased the modern city, isolating us from mother nature.  This is with the presumption that we could rely on technology and industrial products to enjoy modern civilisation while distancing ourselves from the prehistoric times. As a result, we inadvertently used tonnes of chemical products (latex paint, wallpapers) in decorating and sealing the concrete walls of our rooms. No matter appealing these walls may look, the fact is that they stealthily harming the people living in the house. Toxic substances like methanal, ammonia, benzol and niton are released, which may lead to headache, memory lost, anxiety, asthma, Alzheimer's, infertility, genetic abnormalities in fetus, or even cancer and heart diseases. Statistics has shown that more than 90% of Leukaemia is caused by indoor air pollution. According to a resarch conducted by the China Centre for Healthcare and Disease Control, around one million children under the age of five die annually due to indoor air pollution. On top of that, around 1.2 million of adults die from cancer annually. 

It is hence concluded by modern people that moulds and toxic gases from material decorations have become a dominant killer of humankind.


Ten Years of Researching on "Puhua Eco Wall"

The CEO of Puhua Company, Mr. Mou Xin, has told the journalist that the Puhua Company had realised the possible health benefits that solving indoor pollution could bring about as well as its huge market potential ten years ago. They have hence spent a lot of money, formed research teams to aim to solve the problems in some of the most polluted regions in China. Although faced with many obstacles, the research team never gave up, and eventually, they came up with this new eco interior-wall material, which uses diatomite as a medium together with modern technologies (such as modern biology, medicine and nanotechnology). This new material is able to purify air, adjust temperature, conserve energy, insulate heat as well as improve health conditions. It was strongly promoted by the Liaoning province government when it was first introduced, marking the first time where the Chinese government has ever promoted a product made by a foreign company. Follow-up studies during these ten years show that it functions stably with many promising results, and is very well-received in the market. After passing the tests conducted by SETSCO SERVICES PTE LTD, the "Puhua Eco Wall"was officially launched in the local market. 

Mr. Mou has proposed that the diatomite is fossil soil formed from the accumulation of a single cell plant named diatom which lived during a period of 10 to 20 million years ago. The diatom is one of the earliest primitive species that have been found on Earth. It lives in oceans and lakes, producing oxygen through photosynthesis, which supported the development of humankind and other species. 

In addition to not releasing toxic chemicals, using natural diatomite as decoration material could also lead to a better living environment. First, it is capable of adjusting indoor humidity. The main component of diatomite is silica, which causes it to contain microfibrous and porous characteristics. The amount of micropores it has is 5000 to 6000 times of that of charcoal, which also enables it's great absorption power. Not only is the US the first in incorporating diatomite to purify food, it was also the first to use diatomite in medicine to absorb bacteria in bowels. Research has shown that as the humidity increases, microporous present in diatomite is able to absorb and store the mist in air in a directly proportionate matter. When humidity decreases, on the other hand, the microporous would release the stored mist. This special humidity-adjusting feature of diatomite could effectively prevent moulding and formation of microorganisms in the air.

When being asked of the theory behind the absorption feature of Puhua Eco Wall, Mr. Mou cited a daily life phenomenon - the fact that there tends to be some water droplets or even a layer of water found on our mirrors especially before it rains. The water is formed when water molecules present in the air collide with the mirror and condensate on the cool surface. In the same way, toxic gas particle move randomly in the air just like what the water molecules do, and when they collide with the diatomite wall, they will be absorbed by the micropores of the wall. It is thus very obvious that the whole process is purely physical with no chemical reactions involved, because absorption is a result from the attraction between two different particles.  This is the special feature of diatomite which hence allows it to be able to absorb toxic gases, dust particles or even noises. Scientists have also found out that if diatomite is only allow to absorb but not release, there will be one day when it starts to get saturated. Therefore, to solve this, scientists are using the newest technology of photocatalyst, adding titania to diatomite, enabling it to chemically decompose the substance under the presence of sunlight. Just like how plants "breath" during photosynthesis, diatomite material will also convert the harmful substances under photosynthesis to release negative ions and water molecules. This makes the wall breathe like a plant and purify the indoor air conditions.


Review from a Local Customer after Seven Years of Usage

One of the earliest users of Puhua Eco Wall, Mr. Huang, was really excited when being interviewed. He had contacted Puhua Company seven years ago after hearing of such a product from his friend. After listening to the introduction and seeing the magical functions demonstrated by the manager, he decided to use the diatomite paint to decorate his new house. The first to benefit from this, according to Mr. Huang, was his mother. The old Mrs. Huang was then 89 years old, and has been suffering from insomnia for years and no form of treatments have worked. After moving into a room decorated with diatomite material however, Mr. Huang was told by his mother ecstatically that she had slept really well, which has not happened for a long time. The old Mrs. Huang used to move out spend some time with Mr. Huang’s brothers, but ever since Mr. Huang decorated his entire house with diatomite material, she has never moved out for the past seven years. She is now 96 years old, with excellent hearing, eyesight and mobility.  She enjoys going out for a hike every day. In addition, his wife, according to Mr. Huang, used to have some minor diseases like headache and flu almost every month seven years ago. After installing Puhua Eco Wall, however, all these symptoms have vanished. Similarly, his daughter who used to have rhinitis due to dust mite allergy was cured automatically after using Puhua Eco Wall for a short period of time. Two years ago, she had called Mr. Wang after marrying an Australian man about the rhinitis that has come back. She therefore asked Mr. Wang to contact Puhua company so that her house in Australia could also be installed with Puhua Eco Wall. 

The theory behind diatomite’s ability to kill dust mites, according to Mr. Mou, lies within its high absorption power. After attracting the bugs, the microporous will drain them of water, hence killing them. This physical insecticidal property has been adopted by many high-end places worldwide. There are, however, more tests needed to discover the exact rate of killing dust mite, which is a main source of allergy locally.


The Amazing Test Results

Our journalist had heard from SETSCO SERVICES PTE LTD that Puhua Company’s product has significant indicator results in its functions like fire-proof, temperature adjustment, absorbance and decomposition of methanal, ammonia and benzol.The "Puhua Eco Wall", in particular, could release 5000 negative ions per centimetre cube. These negative ions could kill more than 99.9% of bacteria as they move randomly in the air.

"Puhua Eco Wall" is being seen by users as a perfect artform, as well as a guardian angel to a healthier life. Scientist have said that the "Puhua Eco Wall" is the key bestowed upon humankind by nature, unlocking the door to an eco living environment that is free from bother indoor and outdoor pollution.