• PH ECO Paint - 1L

    PH ECO Paint - 1L

Our product uses Diatomaceous Earth as the main ingredient so you can enjoy the benefits. Diatomaceous Earth is breathable, flame retardant, anti-mould, anti-bacteria, and able to absorb smoke and chemicals such as formaldehyde. It also offers excellent sound and heat insulation properties, emits negative ions and easy maintenance.

PH ECO Paint can be applied to interior walls, cement, plaster, putty and paint surfaces. It is Green Label certified, tested by PSB and approved by the Singapore Green Building Council for green construction projects.

*Price subjected to colour pigment. 


1、The retail price is exclusive of GST

2、If delivery is needed,the charge will be $20,which can be exempted if the total amount of purchase exceeds $200

  • $25.00

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Product Details
  • Shelf life: 2 years (unopened with storage at 5-30 degrees Celsius)
  • Colour: Base colour is white (Colours can be tinted to requirement)
  • Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth (main), sierozem powder, water, natural binders. 
User Guide Group

How to use:

  1. Thickness: Apply at least 2 coats around 70micron thick.
  2. Amount to use: 1L is estimated to cover 5-8 per meter square. Depending on substrates.
  3. Application Instructions:
    • Ensure wall is dry, clean and free from dirt and dust.
    • No dilution is needed.
    • Paint can be applied to cement, plaster or existing surfaces.
    • If multiple layers is needed, allow drying time for each coat. Drying time for each coat is 12 hours. Full cure is 36 hours.