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Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard shelled algae which existed 10-20 thousand years ago. This remarkable material is high porosity, it has ultra-fine pores 5000-6000 times smaller than charcoal, giving it the ability to absorb and breakdown harmful airborne pollutants.

It is 100% natural, certified safe and has incredible benefits which can be used in many surprisingly useful ways. Learn how it can transform your home into an anti-mould and bacteria, no-pollution zone, work as a powerful deodorant, and even realize higher effectiveness than charcoal as an air purifier.

Forward to Cleaner, Greener and Healthy Living – With Diatomaceous Earth, With PUHUA ECO.


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The Harmful Causes of Air Pollution to Pregnant Women & Infants

Air, is something that can’t be seen or feel yet it can endanger our lives if isn’t clean for the earth and ourselves. Dr Ben Choey from W Gynae Women’s Clinic done a write-up on how air pollution can affect our daily lives especially for pregnant women, fetuses and infants.

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  Join our upcoming event and enjoy attractive exclusive rates for our home painting service packages!     Not gonna be a boring event but a knowledgeful and fun product showcase with live demonstration of our 8 amazing benefits of our eco paint and breathing walls! All attendees get to receive a freebie worth of S$50! Also, attendees get to participate the fun by using our eco paint to do creative artpiece to be brought home.   Click here to register now! Entrance is Free. ..
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We are having Painting Service Group Buy for BTO home owners! September- December 2018, Buy Together, Save Together! Click here to check special group buy price! Additional Lucky Draw Available.